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Go Beyond Green

Certified Passive House building delivers the highest levels of health, comfort and energy efficiency through a rigorous quality control throughout the design and construction of Candela Lofts. This is accomplished through simple ‘passive’ measures such as high quality insulation and air-sealing of the building envelope, 24/7 filtered fresh air through a dedicated ventilation unit and the use of the highest performing window and doors available. While many buildings employ some of these measures, only a Certified Passive House building is sure to deliver the highest levels of health, comfort and energy efficiency.


A Passive House building’s dedicated ventilation unit continuously provides fresh air throughout the entire living space. This means that even during the coldest winter months filtered, fresh air is being supplied and stale air is being exhausted. This unique ‘balanced’ ventilation scheme ensures that the indoor air quality will be of the highest levels and any indoor pollutants generated by cooking, furniture (glues, stains, paints) or bathing areas are quickly removed from the space and clean air brought in.


Simple ‘passive’ measures such as high quality insulation, air-sealing of the building envelope, the use of the highest performing windows and doors available acting as a noise barrier between whats inside your home and the noise of a busy urban enviroment outside. This high-quality envelope is coupled to an advanced heating, cooling and ventilation system which uses the most efficient heat-recovery-ventilator on the market to provide filtered fresh air all year long. A simple to use, all-electric ‘heat-pump’ heating and cooling system will deliver the small amount of heating and cooling needed throughout and will provide good dehumidification as well.

Cost Savings

Certified Passive House buildings are designed to minimize energy consumption throughout the year. ‘Passive’ measures such as high-quality insulation and careful design mean heat loss is minimized in winter, while rigorous airtightness combined with effective window shading means that summer time overheating and humidity are also reduced to very low levels. As a result, energy costs for heating and cooling are dramatically reduced for the owner while still ensuring the highest levels of comfort, health and reliability. The dedicated ventilation unit includes a sophisticated ‘heat-recovery’ mechanism which guarantees that the fresh air will be warm and comfortable before it ever reaches the occupants, all while using a tiny fraction of the energy of a typical system.

Registered for LEED Platinum Certification

LEED is a national certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to encourage the construction of energy and resource-efficient buildings that are healthy to live in. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Limited Residences Available

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